Difference Between Social Media and Social Networking

Let’s elaborate the main concept first:

Social (SC) Media Marketing: It is a planned activity of getting audience attention, building a positive brand image, promoting products, ideas or services and persuading people to give a desired response to your business.

SC Networking: Generating a two way communication with the masses, and building relationships for the purpose of personal satisfaction, business promotion and career opportunities.

Elaborating the Concepts:

SC media marketing is solely based on the objectives of business strategies, and has nothing to do with personal interests or relationships. Social networking originated as a platform of interacting with people, however now it has become an ideal promotion platform for small business and a good platform for large businesses. With the shift of practical marketing to virtual marketing, social networking sites now work as a forum of interaction between the businessmen and their audience. However, the main purpose of social networking i.e. interaction has not ever-since changed.

The concept can further be elaborated as: