The Concept of Social Media Marketing

In today’s fast-changing marketplace, businesses need a superpower to run their operations smoothly. To reach to customers beyond boundaries, language barrier and geographical limitations, businesses need a quick information channel that conveys the message perfectly. Social media marketing is one such great way to explore potential ways to hobnob with people oversees. It is a generic term that explains effective social marketing via different useful channels such as audio, video, networking sites, blogs etc. As one of the smart means of online marketing, social media marketing can transform the way businesses have been carried to fulfill their aspirations in a longer run. By using social media marketing, traffic can be easily generated and channelized to a website where right audiences are targeted to serve positively.

When decided to use social media marketing for your business, a great planning is needed to make sure you will be heard rightly at the right time. Hatch your definite plan to conceptualize your serious marketing campaigns. The most prominent benefit of this kind of marketing is ensuring a strong one to one interaction between targeted people. The success lies in building a healthy tie with people and ensuring the networking yields you the best outcomes in the near future.

Why Social Media Marketing?Social media marketing is mainly intended to recommend a huge traffic to your website. Through meaningful contents, and information, awareness is created and diverted to the service page for people to take appropriate action. This is one of the main reasons why social media websites are used as the best platforms to explore your company’s future. Most companies use social media campaigns to get valuable inbound links. Inbound links help companies’ websites to rank higher in the search engine listings. Ranking high means more exposure and good traffic. It will also strengthen the reputation of these websites. You can put sensitive videos and audios to help these websites get popular.

Direct & Indirect marketing:Importantly, the success in this kind of marketing lies in choosing the best websites to start your marketing campaigns. If your goal is increase your popularity, you can choose site like “Facebook” which has a wide reach worldwide. You can create your niche marketing campaign to promote your services there and advertise your specialties planfully. You can also use sites like Digg, Mixx and others to indirectly convey your message effectively and loudly. For your promotions, you can choose to advertise through media websites such as Youtube. Share your video, audio, pictures and others to create your own fan club.

Financial Social Media The SEC Weighs In

Recently the SEC issued an Alert as to financial social media. In the Alert, the staff notes that the “use of social media by the financial services industry is rapidly accelerating” and encourages firms using financial social media to “adopt, and periodically review the effectiveness of, policies and procedures regarding social media in the face of rapidly changing technology.” The staff goes on to make the following observations.

General Observations

The staff notes that firms vary in their compliance program approaches to financial social media, and that many firms currently have multiple overlapping procedures that may generally apply to the use of financial social media, rather than a single, unified social media policy. The staff expressed concern that these overlapping procedures (covering, for example, advertisements, client communications or electronic communications) may create confusion regarding their application to the use of financial social media by investment advisory personnel and the types of social networking activity that are permitted or prohibited by an investment adviser.

Factors for Investment Advisers to Consider

The Alert sets forth a non-exhaustive list of factors that investment advisers are encouraged to consider when evaluating their compliance programs with respect to financial social media. This list includes:

Standards for Investment Adviser Representatives/Solicitors

* Usage guidelines on the appropriate and inappropriate use of financial social media for representatives and solicitors

* Standards for content created by the firm or its representatives or solicitors

* Policies and procedures to address representatives or solicitors who conduct firm business on personal or third-party financial social media websites

Where the investment adviser is part of a larger corporate enterprise, it may wish to consider guidelines pertaining to enterprise-wide use of financial social media

Procedures for Monitoring Use of Financial Social Media and Legal Compliance

* Frequency of monitoring of representative or solicitor activity

* Approval or pre-approval of posted content

* Sufficient dedication of compliance resources

* Criteria for approval of participation

* Training for representatives

* Certification by representatives and solicitors that they understand and are complying with firm policies and procedures

* Information security risks posed by representative access to social media websites

Impact on Investment Advisers

* Investment advisers may need to address the use of financial social media in the course of fulfilling their fiduciary, compliance and recordkeeping obligations. Given that the use of Financial Social Media may not fit smoothly within existing federal securities laws and regulations relating to client disclosure/communication and advertising, it may present a challenging compliance matter for investment advisers.

* Although the SEC staff and FINRA have suggested areas of concern and potentially relevant considerations to address, there is no one-size-fits-all set of policies and procedures appropriate for all usages of financial social media by investment advisers and their personnel. Therefore, an investment adviser that permits the use of financial social media should tailor its social media policies to suit its operations, taking into account the considerations suggested by the Alert and the FINRA notices.

* The SEC is unlikely to issue more definitive guidance regarding the use of financial social media in the near term. Until more concrete guidance/market practice has emerged, firms may benefit from taking a conservative approach by limiting the use of social media and the ability of non-firm personnel to “like” or post content to the firm’s social media website.

* Monitoring and recordkeeping related to Financial Social Media may also present challenges for investment advisers. Due to the difficulty of readily identifying which financial social media interactions may require records, some investment advisers may be tempted to capture all such interactions, notwithstanding that investment advisers, unlike FINRA member broker-dealers, are not required to retain all communications relating to their business “as such.”

How Link Building And Submission Service Help Your Business

How can link building and other submission service help my business? This is the question that most business owners tend to ask when they first heard about search engine optimization. This article will briefly explain how search engine optimization has changed the course of advertisement in the world of business.

It is already a given fact that the internet is now a crucial part of the world’s daily lifestyle. People who are looking for a certain product or service do not open their local phone directory anymore. Instead, people are now checking out places such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Yes, the search engines now play a huge factor in the world of business. With billions of visitors that Google and Yahoo receive each and every day, businesses have decided to invest on this huge opportunity to acquire potential customers and clients.

There are numerous search engine optimization strategies. Some of these strategies are directory submission, article submission, blogging, etc. Article submission is a process where you submit articles to article directories. By means of creating quality and informative articles and submitting them to major article directories, you’ll be able to boost your website’s traffic. Since links are allowed in resource boxes in article directories, it can also provide your website with decent amount of backlinks to improve its search engine ranking for your chosen keyword.

Another ideal SEO and link building strategy is directory submission. Web directories are websites where most internet users visit to find any important information regarding a certain product or service. For example, people who are looking for plumbing or dental service or perhaps people who are looking for gadgets and other items visit web directories. This is why most businesses target web directories to further promote their business. Additionally, you can have appropriate titles and tags for your website and this will also further enhance your website’s search engine ranking performance.

However, search engine optimization is a tedious process. It is not done overnight and expect results in the following day. You can do it by yourself but results would take some time. Hence, it is recommended that you seek assistance from a trusted search engine optimization company and acquire their submission service. Most of these SEO companies offer link building and submission service. This move will save you time, effort and money. These companies hire professionals in the field of search engine optimization. With their service, you will have a freedom of mind and can assure yourself that your business is in good hands.

Difference Between Social Media and Social Networking

Let’s elaborate the main concept first:

Social (SC) Media Marketing: It is a planned activity of getting audience attention, building a positive brand image, promoting products, ideas or services and persuading people to give a desired response to your business.

SC Networking: Generating a two way communication with the masses, and building relationships for the purpose of personal satisfaction, business promotion and career opportunities.

Elaborating the Concepts:

SC media marketing is solely based on the objectives of business strategies, and has nothing to do with personal interests or relationships. Social networking originated as a platform of interacting with people, however now it has become an ideal promotion platform for small business and a good platform for large businesses. With the shift of practical marketing to virtual marketing, social networking sites now work as a forum of interaction between the businessmen and their audience. However, the main purpose of social networking i.e. interaction has not ever-since changed.

The concept can further be elaborated as:

Compelling Customer Engagement Strategies With The Social Media Analytics Tools

Survival in the present business environment is very painful. You have to be constantly alert to identify prospective opportunities and maximize it for your benefit. You have to be prepared to incorporate the changes in your business policies so that you encounter positive gains. It is obvious that you need strong support to achieve your objectives and this support can be provided by the social media analytics. It help you identify your prospects efficiently and concentrate on implementing strategies that will keep them engaged and loyal.

The social media platform provides you with surplus opportunities to meet new customers and develop a rapport that will culminate in a profitable deal. It provides you the means to increase the visibility of your business through cost-effective advertisements and marketing campaigns. You can attract a large number of customers if you have the right strategy and make your moves wisely. It is natural that you will be overwhelmed by the abundance of contacts that you encounter. It is also easy to lose your way in your fervor to garner maximum customers. It is very important to have a clear set of motives to keep you from digressing.

The potentials of the social gaming market are limitless. So far whatever has been achieved is less. There is a lot to be achieved yet. You can accomplish much more with the social media analytics tools. These tools provide you with detailed information about customers in real-time. It gives you intelligent analysis of the kind of games the customers are interested in, the activities that they indulge in the most and tracks every move of theirs in real-time. This analytics gives you an idea on the kind of games that you should develop to keep your customers engaged for longer periods. The engagement analytics furnished is the key to leveraged returns in your business.

You cannot miss the golden opportunity social analytics provides you. Ensure that you deploy tools that help you move in the right direction without any distractions. You will come across numerous contacts but how can you be sure how many of them want to be your regular customers. It is the social media analytics tools that helps you determine the customers whom you should focus on. In traditional times you could achieve success in business only after you had committed some mistakes and learnt your lessons the hard way. In the modern age you have to nail your targets in the first instance because there is no second chance.